Airwheel SE3
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    Motorized Rideable Luggage

    Smart riding suitcase

    Love to travel around world, riding the smart luggage

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    29.3L big volume

    Reasonable partition, use every inch space effectively.


    Aviation-grade aluminum alloy frame

    Overall reinforcement, two whole groups of widened aluminum alloy box frame, to ensure the box withstand greater external pressure


    Colorful water lights

    Dynamic light makes you stunning at night

    SE3 scooter suitcase with Hidden stretchable rod

    Ergonomic handle design, comfort feeling, one button stretch, gear adjustable design,Applicable to different body height, thousands heavy load stretch tests, long life endurance.

smart luggage

    Branded PC-ABS material

    Taiwan Chi Mei ABS747, surface covered Germany Bayer # 160pc membrane Waterproof and wear-resistant, reducing themarks left by bumps and not easily deformed Whether it is consigned or carry with, you can feel at ease

    TSA custom coded lock

    Transportation Security Administration approval, internationally common, easy checked by custom, refrain from violent damage.

    Multiple choices for you

    Black Silver

smart backpack Smart Rideable Suitcase
  • On duty commute

  • Traveling

  • High-speed rail trip

  • Entertainment

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